Open to All

Akiva Academy is a private elementary school that welcomes applications for all students in grades K-8. While founded on the values of a Jewish education, Akiva Academy is open to students of all races, religions, and ethnic origins. We're proud of our diversity at Akiva Academy and have created an environment where students of all walks of life are welcome. At Akiva, all students are accorded the same rights, privileges and opportunities in an unbiased school setting.

A thirty-minute tour of Akiva Academy can transform a child's learning for life.

We encourage all interested parents to schedule a tour at their convenience. One visit to Akiva reveals our unique approach to learning with integrated studies in each of our classrooms, the infusion of technology into core academics and the extraordinary atmosphere of excitement about learning. With this approach to academics, we instill in students a sense of life long learning and help maximize their potential.

To schedule a tour and/or for additional information, please contact Principal Kathleen Mioni at 330-747-0452.

Girls smiling with their crafts and props