Why Akiva Academy?

Akiva provides a private education with a blended secular and Jewish approach to education serving students K-8. We accept and encourage applications for all students from any background, race, religion, or ethnic origin. We ensure that every student is served by the education we provide, whether they excel and require additional challenge, or benefit from customized learning to meet their unique needs. Akiva’s goal is to meet students where they are and encourage their growth.

Shaping the Adults of Tomorrow

Although founded on the central tenants and values of a Jewish education, Akiva’s overarching goal is to guide our students in becoming young adults of integrity and honor. With integrated studies driven by access to technology, we drive academic growth and accomplishment in an extraordinary environment of excitement about learning. Reach out today to see how a tour of Akiva Academy could change your child’s life and shape who they become.

Our Vision

An Environment to
Grow and Excel

Our goal through K-2 is to create an environment that fosters a love of learning. With our limited class sizes, we lay the groundwork for students to feel safe, included, and ready to build the framework of a rigorous academic future.

Students in these grades are considered intermediate students. They are moving out of the primary grades and being prepared for the rigor of middle school beginning with grade 5. Students participate in a block schedule that prepares them for the middle school schedule of rotating classes for each subject. Personal responsibility and effective work/study habits are reinforced during these important years.

Students in these grades are officially in middle school. Students rotate through their classes every hour and work to build effective skills of higher thinking and academic excellence to progress and excel in the upcoming high school years. National Jr. Honor Society membership  becomes available in grade 6, and students become the rightful leaders of our school.

A Message From

the Principal

What is so special about Akiva? There are many options in school choice for parents to consider so why would parents choose us? I am asked this question repeatedly as parents meet with me to consider enrolling their child at Akiva. Let me share some highlights of my answers to inquiring parents:

1. Akiva is a values-based educational system. We teach universal character values explicitly in the classroom, and sequentially in a character calendar. We understand that school is the place where children learn how to get along with, and respect others. They also learn how to grow as a community with others who are very different from them.


2. We understand that children learn at different rates and consequently are skilled at giving students what they need to progress. Some students need more instructional time and re-teaching. Other students learn quickly and are ready for enrichment or accelerated learning. Our program is geared to teach children where they are and progress them intentionally and appropriately through the curriculum.


3. Our effective teacher:student ratio guarantees that every child progresses through our program (grades K-8), and any anomalies in learning are identified early with plans for intervention implemented to address those concerns.


Akiva Academy is a very special place. Your child will learn and grow in an atmosphere of genuine compassion, fun, and laughter. These qualities do not subtract to a school’s effectiveness. Children can learn best in an atmosphere of unconditional positive regard – your child deserves an education at Akiva! Call me soon.


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