Welcome to Akiva Academy

Project-Based Curriculum
High-Achieving Kids
Open To All
Technology Driven

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School Begins September 8, 2020

Welcome to Akiva Academy. The school where high-achieving kids feel at home. At Akiva, we offer K-8 students an enriching academic experience that's based on collaborative, project-based and technology-driven learning methods to maximize students' potential.

Taking a progressive approach to education, Akiva helps students to learn, develop and grow in an environment that fosters inquiry and lifelong learning. Students learn in smaller class sizes that allow for more personalized attention and provides students the opportunity to take part in more hands-on and experiential learning projects.

These learning methods reinforce thinking skills and critical thinking that propels Akiva students to the head of the class.

Housed within the Jewish Community Center, Akiva Academy is open to students of all faiths. Here students have access to all of the Community Center's programs and first-class facilities ... even weekly swimming classes.

Discover all that Akiva Academy has to offer. A thirty-minute tour can transform your child's learning for life.