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Akiva Academy provides a life-changing private education to our students through their formative years. We provide our K-8 educational programming as a service to our community, in line with the concept of tikkun olam — a dedication to improving the world in which we live. As with everything, education comes at a cost. Our wonderful staff, access to technology, and upkeep of our facilities are all considered.  As well, every applicant to our private pay program receives some assistance. To continue providing the unique Akiva education that has benefited our community for nearly forty years, we ask that you consider donating. Please follow the link below.

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Attending Akiva Academy is a choice we make for our children’s future, and we have much to look upon with pride. Administrators, teachers, and the entire staff work diligently with our students to ensure their daily educational experience is both positive and productive. New and innovative programs have been introduced to engage our youth in both community life and service. Our students have excelled in many areas, and in order to continue our pursuit of excellence, your support is needed. Please consider making a donation to ensure the ongoing success of each of our programs. Akiva Academy’s continued success depends on each of us. Your donation in any amount is a commitment to the quality education to which we each aspire.

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