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Student Centered Approach

How do students learn? That answer is as varied as children themselves. Each child comes with their own personal experiences, learning preferences, and unique personality that significantly affect learning. At Akiva, each child is viewed with that distinction to fully understand the best ways to maximize learning. Effective teacher to student ratios ensure that no child is overlooked and also ensures that every child gets plenty of individual attention from the teacher. We provide an environment conducive to engagement, enrichment, and growth.

21st Century Classroom

A focus on technology is imperative in today’s educational landscape, and Akiva takes tech seriously. With 1:1 iPads for every student in K-4, 175 Chromebooks, use of Google Classrooms, the latest in engaging educational games, and more — every student is provided the ability to get online and grow. Every classroom is equipped with 86” interactive media boards. Technology is a strong, effective tool to deliver engaging instruction, as well as supports our student centered approach to learning.

Well Rounded Education

We are proud of the academic success of our students in the main core subjects of English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science but students need more to develop appropriately. The Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool in our building allows students the opportunity to swim all year long under the direction of credentialed and experienced swim instructors. Students enjoy physical education in a full-sized gymnasium. Certified teachers in music and art deliver engaging and experiential lessons. Our campus also boasts a beautiful, fenced in playground, and pickle ball courts. Robotics and Robotics Club Jr. are two popular school clubs. The National Jr. Honor Society is our leadership group that helps coordinate and implement many school wide events. We continuously look for ways to enhance the school experience of our students.

Academic Rigor

One of our main goals at Akiva is to create responsible, self driven learners. Whether it’s the completion of homework or projects, our students understand that time management and independence are important skills. Fostering this area of development is a priority we take very seriously.

Community Minded

Built on the foundation of tradition Jewish values, Akiva instills a sense of responsibility and respect for others. Students regularly engage in community service, teaching the value of a positive impact. No matter the age, race, or religion, Akiva’s goal is to facilitate students’ care for their community.

Lifelong Learning

At Akiva, we steward curiosity to create a lifelong passion for learning. From lively classroom discussions to academic enrichment or support, Akiva facilitates academic success. Through our students’ strong foundation of knowledge, they can grow into healthy, productive adults.

Healthy Growth & Development Activities

At Akiva, we understand that healthy, well-rounded children will grow into healthy, well-rounded adults. Children are at school for a long time, that’s why we have brain breaks, singing/dancing, classroom mindfulness, and things that are just plain fun. We also offer the following activities:

Music and the Arts

All Akiva students have access to comprehensive music and arts programs. We understand that music and arts education is essential to the social and emotional well-being and growth of our students.

Foreign Language

Akiva students begin to study Hebrew as early as Kindergarten. This study correlates directly to our mission as a Jewish day school. Studying a foreign language early in the primary grades helps establish pathways for later language studies.

Physical Activity

Because Akiva Academy is located on the Jewish Community Center’s campus, we provide students physical education instruction in the full size gymnasium, swim classes in the Olympic-sized indoor pool, pickle ball courts, and recess in a beautiful, fenced-in playground.

Community Service

Akiva Academy does not require students to fundraise, instead we participate in regular community service projects to teach our students that they can positively affect their world regardless of age.


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