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Frequently Asked Questions

At Akiva, we understand the importance of choosing the right school for your child. This process starts with many questions — and we hope to answer a few of yours here. If you need additional clarity, have other questions, or like what you see, please reach out below. The door to Akiva enrollment starts with a conversation! Call soon to schedule yours.

What kind of school is Akiva?

Akiva is a private chartered school. All of our programs meet the standards set by the Ohio Department of Education, which means we are chartered by the state. It also means that we participate in the same state testing that others schools do, where Akiva Academy consistently performs well. 

What grades do you have?

Akiva Academy teaches grades Kindergarten through 8th. We provide a values driven, academically rigorous education that will meet the needs of your child. We have high standards for our students and recognize that every child is unique, with unique academic and personal requirements. 

Do you have transportation?

No. Akiva Academy requires parent transport and does not have bussing.

What are your hours?

We open for a free early care at 7:15 a.m. Students in grades K-3 need to be here no later than 8 a.m. Students in grades 4-8 need to be here no later than 7:50 a.m. Dismissal is 2:45 pm for Kindergarten and 2:55 for all other grades. After school lets out, we offer valet pickup that is monitored by commissioned police officers, ensuring your child’s safety. There is additional afterschool care offered through the Jewish Community Center.

Do the Akiva students wear uniforms?

No, there is a school wide dress code for students.

What does the enrollment process look like?

The process begins with two visits, the first is with parents to understand the expectations and needs of the parents and the school. The second visit will provide a tour for you and your child. Space is limited, so ensure you reach out early to schedule your tour and speak with Akiva’s principal. 


Speak with Akiva’s Principal

Your child deserves an education at Akiva, so reach out today to begin your enrollment process. If you have questions, explore our FAQs and contact us for more information.