A Progressive Approach to Education

At Akiva Academy we take a progressive approach to the education of our students. Students learn in a project-based, technology-driven environment that focuses on collaborative and experiential learning models.

We blend traditional instruction with exploratory learning, allowing students to ask why and how, and equipping students with critical thinking and reasoning skills. Akiva students:

  • Participate in daily foreign language instruction
  • Take part in experiential music and art programs
  • Learn through collaborative, project based learning models
  • Use multi-touch display technology as part of the classroom curriculum
  • Become life long learners

At Akiva, you’ll find a staff of caring, knowledgeable instructors in student-centered classrooms. With a model of 17 students per class, students can receive the personalized attention needed to help them reach their maximum potential.

We believe that instruction should never be limited to the classroom. At Akiva we are always looking for new ways to infuse technology into the learning process. With the use of new multi-touch display technology, we take students far beyond the walls of the classroom and connect them globally. Student can instantly access information and research necessary for continued learning.

Last Spring’s achievement tests results continue to prove that Akiva Academy has stellar academic performance. The state report card was recently revealed. Here are just a few highlights of how our students’ achievement compares with the state averages. Please keep in mind the term “passed” includes students who scored Proficient, but also higher achievement levels of “Accelerated” and “Advanced”:

  • 100% of Akiva grade 3 students passed the Reading and Math OAAs compared with the state passage rate of 79.9% in Reading, and 82% in Math.
  • 83% of our grade 4 students passed the Reading test. The state requirement is 75%.
  • 92% of our grade 5 students passed the Reading test compared with the state average of 74.1%; 92% passed the Science OAA compared with the state average of 71.1%.
  • 100% of our last year’s grade 6 students passed the Reading test compared to the state average of 85.6 %; 86% passed the Math test compared to the state average of 77.5%.
Girl using tablet and boy using rolling pin